onsdag 30 september 2015

Pain Points and Opportunities for the Personas

Pain points summary

The ferry ride and experience is rather smooth but we are able to identify some intressant problems:

  •     Language. Several passengers neither know Swedish nor English that are the two most likely languages to be supported in Stockholm.
  •     Finding the way. Many passengers are in Stockholm for the first time. They do not know by heart where the ferry landings are. And onboard, they are unsure where the ferry is going to land and when.
  •     Obstacle free path. For people with problems to walk or having luggage on wheels, it is inconvenient or even impossible to negotiate obstacles on the way to the ferry, while boarding and onboard the ferry. Even if the ferry staff offers support, it is desireable to not be dependent on people to be available and willing to help.

Ordering of Pain points for the main persona

  1.     Language. She only knows German and is very unconfortable when she is unable to communicate in fluent German or read information in German.
  2.     Finding her way. She has never been in Stockholm and she has not prepared by looking at maps -- she just expect it to be easy in such a small country.
  3.     Obstacle free path. She has a roller bag. She can lift it, but it is inconvenient.

Opportunities for the main persona

  •     She has a personal device and is confortable using it. There is a built-in SIRI-like AI assistant and she likes it since it follows her orders without questioning them. That is also her prefered interface, since she can use it without holding a device or looking at something.
  •     There is open access to database and servers with information about Stockholm and public transport.

Ordering of Pain points for the secondary persona

  1.     Obstacle free path. He is on weels and can at most leave the chair for short walks.
  2.     Language. No problem. He is a Swede in Sweden.
  3.     Finding his way. No problem. He is a daily commuter.

Opportunities for the secondary persona

  •     He has a personal device (smartphone) in his pocket and a wireless connection to a swipeable screen on the chair. He is convenient using the screen without picking up the phone.
  •     There is open access to database and servers with information about Stockholm and public transport.

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