torsdag 24 september 2015

State-of-the-Art analysis, Staffan

From the interview responses that we got it became clear that the tourists were using a physical map to navigate around the city, instead of a mobile phone. This might be the case since the tourists were in the age of ~70 and a map might be more familiar to them. 

The regular users of the ferry used their phones all the time and by walking through the boat and doing indirect observations, it became quite clear that the majority was using their mobile phones so I decided look into the different options available on the mobile platform. There are two main apps you can use to find the route from Slussen to Almänna Gränd. The first one is called “STHLM Traveling (SL)”, the second one is called "Google Maps". I also did some research on the company "Waxholmsbolaget" which owns the boats and managed to find their app on the Google Play Market.

Waxhomsbolaget's app
 Waxholmsbolaget's app lists all the different routes you can take by boat, one thing to note is that it lists all the routes and not only those that can be paid with SL's Access-card. On the waxolmbolaget’s website you have the option to switch between SL routes and non SL routes but not in the app. When testing the app I didn’t manage to get the route from Slussen to Allmänna Gränd, the destination could be set to both locations but not the start position. This caused a bit of frustration and is definitely a functional requirement that isn't fulfilled. This bug might be temporarily or just on my version of Android.

The SL app works fine, I can enter my starting position and destination and it gives me the info i need for getting from A to B. Down below you can se a use case of someone who will travel from Slussen to Allmänna Gränd.

 Google Maps interface looks like this if you want to travel from Slussen to Allmänna gränd.

Google Maps gives an overview of the route on a map which is very handy if you are new in town, if you also have GPS-connection you can se where on the route you are as well . You can also choose the method of transportation.

SL's app was the only one of these which showed the ticket you need for the trip.

For tourists, Google Maps seems to be the most usefull one since they might be new in town and it's the app which is most similar to a physical map.
This could be a non-funcitonal requirement, that our solution should look and feel like traditional map.

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