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Groups Main Persona



Rita is a 73 year old German woman. Former chef and lives in the northern part of Germany, in Rostock. She was raised in a poor family in former Eastern Germany. Her dad served in the German navy and was a boat entusiast, which he brought on to his family. In year 1962 she began studing vehicle engineering with orientation in ship mechanics at the University of Rostock. While studing at the university she worked extra as a chef at a fast food restuarant. After two years she dropped out of school to become a chef full time. She opened her first restaurant in 1977, which she still owns today.


Rita is a proud grandmother of a three year old boy and a nine year girl, kids to her divorced son. She usually spends her days cooking. She is a very positive person and tries to live each day as her last. Since she is retired. She has lots of time to spend at traveling and exploring new things.

Scenario 1: Just arrived at Slussen on her way to Vasamuseet through the boat line. This is her first day in Sweden. She just left the boat and has a large roller bag with all her luggage. Her plans are to leave her luggage at a hotel on Skeppsholmen and then continue to Vasamuseet.

She knows about the Vasa ship but has no tickets or detailed information how to get there. She just trusts here GPS and what she can learn by surfing the web and asking friends on social media.

Goal: Visit Vasamuseet

Scenario 2: After the visit at Vasamuseet, back to slussen/gamla stan to find a restaurant for dinner.

Goal: Eat dinner.

Pain points

  1. Obstacle free path: 4
  2. Finding her way: 1
  3. Language: 1

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