onsdag 23 september 2015

Interview responses Mårten Norman

Respondents not interviewed on the ferry to get input from potential riders.

Qualitative (aggregate of 3 responses):

1. Why travel with the ferry? (Other fairly realistic options are bus, tram and walking).
  • More fun
  • Faster
  • Cosier
  • Buses are filthy
  • Boats has restrooms (unconfirmed if this particular boat has restrooms) 

2 .What drawbacks are there? Anything that can be improved?
  •  Too many other boats around
3. How do you spend the time waiting for the next boat?
  • Surfing (mobile)
  • Too short waiting to be relevant
  • Talking with the rest of the party friends/family

4. How do you spend time during the ride?
  • Surfing (mobile)
  • Walk around the boat (outdoors)
5. How did you learn that you can travel this trip by boat?
  • Just knew
  • Faint memory of doing a ride several years ago
  • Mother works nearby
6. What is your favorite season to go boat riding? Why?
  • Summer


1. How often do you ride? daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/first time
  • Few times a year
  • Several years between rides
  • Never
2. How was it getting the ticket? 1 hard, 5 easy
  • Did not buy the ticket
  • No memory of the experience
  • -
3. Did you enjoy the ride? 1 yes, 2 no, 3 dont know.
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • -
4. Is the boat frequency good enought?
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

Original transcript:
It may look messy, but I can read it -- at least if I have the discipline to enter the information in a clean format in reasonable time as I did here. Maybe a case related to the recall from pattern where medical doctor's recalled massive amounts of patient data from a glimpse of their journal record in spite of having all characters replaced by 'X':s to remove all textual meaning of the documents. (E. Nygren , "The art of the obvious", 1992; referred to by Guliksen in the MDI15  cognition lecture).

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