onsdag 23 september 2015

Summary of interview (Group)

After interviewing the passengers on the ferry between Slussen and Djurgården we received enough data to come to a conclusion. By observing their faces everyone looked pretty happy, those we asked to interview happily participated. We can divide the passengers into three different subgroups, tourist, workers and others.

Most of the tourist found information about this ferry trip via tourist information, map or hotel reception. They all enjoyed the view and thought it was fairly simple to purchase tickets. The tourist we asked either got the 72 h pass or 24 h pass through SL, which they thought as convenient since you could travel as much as you can during the time period. They didn't mind the waiting time and thought the ferry departure quite frequently.

the workers of Skeppsholmen or Djurgården thought the ferry line were the most convenient way to travel between Djurgården and Slussen, time and economy wise. But they didn't like the way the boat traveled depending on different seasons, in particularly the workers from Skeppsholmen. It seems that during the summer, the ferry only travels to Skeppsholmen like once each hour.

Others(those who travel this line few times each month)
As the workers they thought of this a the most convenient method. 

As of what the passengers does on the trip, most of them usually uses their phones or talk to their friend and colleges. while on the other hand the tourist usually take pictures.

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