torsdag 10 september 2015

Notes For Seminar 1, Staffan Sandberg

Chapter 7 is about data gathering. It says that you should pay attention to five different key issuses to be successful, which are ”setting goals, identefying participants, relationship between the data collector and the data provider, triangulation and pilot studies”.

Triangulation was the issue that i thought the most about. I’ve heard of triangulation before but not in this context. In the book they mention four types of triangulations, I focused on the first mentioned which says. ” Triangulation of data, data is drawn from different sources at different times in different places”. How can this be applied to our project? Interviewing people whom are traveling from point A to B and those traveling from B to A etc. Questionnaries could be used aswell.

Question: How will the data differ depending on the time of the day?

Pilot studies seems like a great thing to start early on. After the project has been chosen we can develop questions for interviews or questioneers, and continuously develop and improve them. I think this is great so we can spot flaws early on and be prepeared for the field studies.

In chapter 8 they go through how to analyze the data that has been gathered. There are two types of data that can be recieved, qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative data can be translated in to numbers and be anayzed with statistics. Qualitative data is descriptions, quotes and images etc, which might not be so useful in the form of numbers. When analyzing qualitative data we have to look for recurring patterns. Here we have to keep in mind what is qualitative and what is quantitative, so they can be seperatet and analysed in the right way.

Chapter 10 is about establishing requirements. The first step is to find out what we are doing and why. If we are changing an existing system and why etc. By knowing this we can develop functional/non-functional requirements etc. One way of doing this is to create use cases for different people with different needs, on how they go throug the process of buying a ticket or finding the correct route. Withouth propper requirements our final product might not result in what we had in mind from the first place.

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