tisdag 22 september 2015

Ex1: Interview questions for ferry travelers

Format should support quick interviews since we expect several respondents to be in a hurry and we do not want to fail getting at least some input from them. So we decided to use structured interviewes to avoid longer conversations and be able to gather more data.

  1. Why travel with the ferry? (Other fairly realistic options are bus, tram and walking).
  2. What drawbacks are there? Anything that can be improved?
  3. How do you spend the time waiting for the next boat?
  4. How do you spend time during the ride?
  5. How did you learn that you can travel this trip by boat?
  6. What is your favorite season to go boat riding? Why?

  1. How often do you ride? daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/first time 
  2. How was it getting the ticket? 1 hard, 5 easy
  3. Did you enjoy the ride? 1 yes, 2 no, 3 dont know.
  4. Is the boat frequency good enought?

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