tisdag 29 september 2015

Tools Used by this Team During the Project

This is a live document that may be updated at any time to reflect new tools we start using or realize that we use without thinking about it.

To be considered as a Cultural Probe for KTH students in 2015. Most of the tools are ubiquitos. They just exist, are easy to pick up and the team has not spent significant time evaluating tools. Someone just suggest a tool that should work. If nobody offers a better suggestion we go for it. If it fails, we can just dismiss the tool and try another one.

Virtual tools
  • Viber. Social app for the phone. Allows the team to chat 24/7 and share photos. Fundamental part of working as a virtual team. We are five members in the team, but have separate schedules and just 20% of our KTH time allocated to this particular course. We have physical meetings about twice a week, but social media allows for maintaining work pace betwen meetings.
  • Blogger.
  • Google Drive. Common store of work documents, images and other material that does not fit on the blog (or need refinemnet before going to the blog). Good integration with Google docs.
  • Google docs. Collaborative writing and editing of work documents. Each team member works on his own laptop even when we sit in the same room, allowing us to discuss the same document and change it live without having to ask the editor to do it or change seats to change the editor role.
  • E-books and other online information sources, including the DH2620 webpages on KTH social.
Physical tools and artefacts
  • Plain post-it notes. Still one of the most effective tools for interacting in a physical meeting and for brain storming.
  • White-board. Still effective, see post it notes above.
  • Laptops and cellphones with wireless interne. Team members has access to all tools both during meetings and at home or on the move.
  • Mobile phone's camera. General documentation tool (photo, video, audio) always available.
  • Physical book. Still competitive for reading large amounts of text and quick shortcuts to references with post-it markers. Does also offload the computer, phone and PDA screens since the book is a separate "device" not taking up valuable screen space.

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