torsdag 24 september 2015

State of the Art Background Links

Use this link (to Waxholmsbolaget). There is another link circulating for Sjövägen, but that is another operator who starts from Nybroplan rather than Slussen that is our scope. Both are cooperating with SL though.

Some key features from the www page:

Apps (no quality check, just listing)


  •  List of public available APIs the servers behind SL:s own travel planner, traffic info at stations etc -- thus likely to offer similar raw data quality level as SL has for their own information to commuters. For good and for bad.) Timteables, real-time. Bus stop locations for SL. Real-time delay info, travel planner.

MIT projects that may be relevant (link from Eva Sjuve DH2620 notification about sources)


Automatic Stress Recognition in Real-Life Settings

Special Interest group(s):  Advancing Wellbeing

Rosalind W. Picard, Robert Randall Morris and Javier Hernandez Rivera
Technologies to automatically recognize stress are extremely important to prevent chronic psychological stress and pathophysiological risks associated with it. The introduction of comfortable and wearable biosensors has created new opportunities to measure stress in real-life environments, but there is often great variability in how people experience stress and how they express it physiologically. In this project, we modify the loss function of Support Vector Machines to encode a person's tendency to feel more or less stressed, and give more importance to the training samples of the most similar subjects. These changes are validated in a case study where skin conductance was monitored in nine call center employees during one week of their regular work. Employees working in this type of setting usually handle high volumes of calls every day, and they frequently interact with angry and frustrated customers that lead to high stress levels.

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