torsdag 5 november 2015

Think aloud Vincent

For my think aloud evaluation I asked my younger sister to interact with the screen, I told her to imagine herself as a user standing at the wharf at Slussen on her way to Djurgården, but she has to go through Skeppsholmen for a quick errand first. Since our prototype is not functioning as it should as it only shows pictures and animation, not an interactive one, she didn’t grasp it at first. So I told her that this is only a prototype for demonstrational purposes and not a functioning one at all.  She then realized that the grey thing hovering Skeppsholmen were actually a button to change the route, but she told me that the different colored lines were a little misleading since subway lines uses the same method to differentiate between different lines.

I realized that our design is great but is in need of a slight modification, such as a better indicating button of Skeppsholmen, maybe even information telling passengers to click on Skeppsholmen if that’s the desired destination. The colored trajectories should be modified as well as it could confuse commuters, an easy solution is to add a dashed line for the route which is not being used.

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