onsdag 11 november 2015

Think Aloud for Lo-Fi prototype, Mårten

I interviewed my son, evaluating our lo-fi prototype using the Think Aloud method. He was selected due to similarity to a tourist --  young enough to just have tourist level familiarity with Slussen and Djurgården, while still old enough to travel by himself.

He was assigned the task to go from slussen to Djurgården, but make a short visit on Skeppsholmen on the way. Then look at/interact with the Lo-Fi prototype printed out on paper, imagine it on a wall and describe how he interprets it.

  • Why is it 1 min on one paper and 15 min on the other one?
  • Why is there no wharf on the close side of Skeppsholmen?
  • The green and grey travel pattern is impossible to understand. Must clarify.
  • More optimal if he could take a short trip to the near side of skeppsholmen, do his errand and take a short trip on the other side to Djurgården.
  • Will the boat turn back to slussen directly from Skeppsholmen? Very messy to tell how the boat goes between the three warf's, what order and if it's the same boat or need to wait for the right one.
  • Does the boat wait at the Skeppsholmen warf or should I check the schedule for a later trip? Can I do that at Skeppsholmen?
  • Do I have to wait long for the next boat at Skeppsholmen? Then I migth be better crossing the bridge and go for a bus or tram.
  • No comment about the "button area" of Skeppsholmen. When asked --> Isn't that a forest?
  • Is there a bus to Skansen at the Djurgården warf?
Transcript from the think-aloud session.

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