måndag 23 november 2015

Final evaluation of prototype

To evaluate our prototype we began with presenting the prototype to an usability consultant (an expert in the field of HCI), who performed a heuristic evaluation on spot. We used the feedback we got to improve our user interface in the best way possible. The recieved feedback comments from the expert:
  • No indicator which tell the current route
  • Bad choice of coloring, hard to distinguish
  • Unclear button interaction
  • Easy to understand the purpose
  • Outstanding design
  • Simple solution to a problem

The next evaluation method we used was think-aloud. Here we evaluated our prototype in action by having a non-expert test it to see how the ordinary users could handle our prototype. This is what we got:

  • Nothing that indicates the button
  • Bad choice for the colors on the different routes
  • No text that tells if the boat goes via Skeppsholmen.
  • Hard to distinguish gray and green.

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