lördag 21 november 2015

RCA for Problems to See Posts Before Cirka September 24

I had some problems to find some of my older posts when following up a comment from the formative feedback.

This ended up as a Root Cause Analysis aka RCA, since I followed up the feedback was that the evaluators missed a transcript that I believed was there. And I did also not find the post, until I learned that Blogger just shows 40 posts on the first page. Then you are supposed to click the link "Äldre Inlägg" slightly hidden at the bottom of the very, very long page.

Indications that at least some people fails to find some posts on this blog.

Root Cause:
The Blogger user interface (main page) puts a strong focus on the most recent posts. Older posts are deferred to secondary pages that are easy to miss.


There is a setting for numbers of posts on first page. I have just changed it to 400 (and later changed it to 400 days, rather than pages). This has not resulted in all posts listed on the page, but the link menu to the right to older posts does indeed cover all of 2015 and all posts appear to be linked from there.

Long Term Solution:

Major changes to the Blog design or evaluate new blog platform. Not relevant in this timeframe.

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