torsdag 19 november 2015

Think aloud, Marcus

I did the think aloud on a friend. He is not from Stockholm and have only been on the boat once. At first he didn’t understand the prototype by only looking at it, but after I explained a lite about it he started to understand what he was looking at. I told him to imagine himself on the ferry and that he was going to skeppsholmen from slussen.  It was not clear that the screen was interactive so the grey area was confusing. Both the route and the boat symbol was pretty understandable. He thought that the screen could be a little smaller.

The design is good but not perfect. It is both confusing and unclear that about information and interaction. The interaction button need to be well informed and the route change. The person in the information both could also help to instruct and inform the users. Maybe change the route color since it hard to see.

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