onsdag 18 november 2015

Think Aloud Martin

To do my think aloud evaluation I asked my mom to try to use our prototype. She said that the idea was good but it was unclear what purpose it had from just looking at it. It needed to be improved so that it would be clear to everyone how it is used. She imagine what it would be if she was a tourist and was trying to use something similar abroad. First of all she didn’t know that one could press on the screen to get the boat to change direction and pass by Skeppsholmen on the way to Djurgården. Our prototype didn’t have any text that showed the function.

One thing that we could improve with our prototype is to add an information box that the user can make the boat pass by Skeppsholmen by pressing on Skeppsholmen on the map. Since the main purpose of the prototype is the interactive part where the user communicates with the captain by clicking on the map, we want this to be clear for everyone. Another thing to improve with the prototype is to make labels for the different routes, which makes it clearer of which the current route is. As of now the prototype does not display the direction that the boat is going in. This could be improved by adding arrows along the route that point in the forward direction. 

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