fredag 20 november 2015

Think-aloud, Group summation

It is clear that our first prototype is confusing for the users. The major problems were that the screen was not well informed to be interactive and the information for another route was missing i form of text. The test users were i different ages and at least one problem was common among them all. The good thing is that the problems are not so many and the test users was not so experienced with traveling on the boat.

Some of the problems:

  • Not so good color choise.
  • Not obvious that you have to/able to press Skeppsholmen on the screen.
  • When you go via Skeppsholmen the text do not change to "via Skeppsholem".
  • The green and grey travel pattern is impossible to understand. Must clarify.

We knew that we needed to improve it in a way so that it is easier to understand. We evaluated the feedback to perfect the prototype for the final presentation.  

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