måndag 23 november 2015

Final Prototype

We found the Unity prototype quite time consuming and hard to complete in the short amount of time before our final presentation. So we decided to modify and finalize our user interface in Photoshop for a more clean, sophisticated and more integrated looking design.

The following screen will be located on the ferry:

If the user touch/press the grey "button" the ferry will go via Skeppsholmen before arriving at Djurgården. We also took inconsideration of the feedbacks and evaluations and improved the indications and informations. As seen above we introduced a "Go via" hand icon to further indicate that it's a touchable action, we also changed to route indication to distinguish from current and optional route which is also informed in the information bar down at the bottom.

If Skeppsholmen is touched, the route changes and Skeppsholmen turns green.

Then there are some problems during certain hours of the day, if the boat is marked with A in the time table, there is a certain route to travel.
Boat marked with A:
Skeppsholmen - Slussen route: Travel via Djurgården before arriving at Slussen.
Djurgården - Skeppsholmen route: Travel via Slussen before arriving at Skeppsholmen.

If you are at Djurgården on your way to Skeppsholmen, this is the interface you will face. It is easy to understand, since the text on the top is pretty self-explanatory. The route also changes to green, but with 45% opacity which makes it not as visible as the current destination( Slussen), but still visible enough.

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