söndag 4 oktober 2015

Exercise 3 Brainstorming in group

During todays exercise we tried three different brainstorming methods. Collaborative iteration, word assosiation and paralell design.

We started with collaborative iteration, the first design idea was an app which would keep track of your position durring the ferry ride. After a few steps it had expanded with many features like seeing the routes on a map and being able to press the route you want to take, the time it will take for you to get to the boat, being able to purchase a ticket in it, being able to keep track of how many people there are on the ferry and at the different stops in real time. Down below you can se a basic sketch and paper prototype of the design.
Collaborative iteration

The next ide we had was to have a display on each stop and ferry, on which you can se the route, current position and next stop etc. It's much like the idea above but withouth the requirement of an app. It's ment for our tourist persona who want to get a quick overview on where the boat will go, withouth first having to find and install an app.
Here you can se a rough sketch on where the screens will be placed and what they will show.
Collaborative iteration

The next brainstorming exercise was word association, where each person combined three different words from a list, one object, one design action and one attribute. We didn't realy iterate on any of these since we were quite happy with the results in the previous brainstorming exersice and the words we had to choose from didn't really fit our ideas.
Word association

The last exercise was parallel design, we devided into two groups and picked one Pain pont, one Persona and one Scenario. We had two different ideas and decidet to develop on the design for our persona Rita who need to find a place to eat and only knows german. The idea with the app is to see all the different locations to get food on a map and being able to filter out different options depending on your budget etc. Because she only know german we thought about including a feature to take pictures of signs and translate them into the prefered language. Which would be handy when trying to order food from a menu at a restaurant etc.
Parallel design

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