söndag 4 oktober 2015

Design idea from exercise 3

Our idea from the exercise was to create a big screen at the wharf and on the boat. The screen at the wharf would show how the boat is moving right now and how many people the boat is carying at the moment. The amout of people on the boat would be displayed as different colors. Say that the boat is almost full, then it would turn red on the map. If the boat is almost empty then it would be green on the map. So, the scale would go from green to red (yellow would mean half full). This map is also tracing the amount of people at each station, which is noted the same as the amount of people on the boat.

The map shows the route which the boat is currently moving in. If the boat is not stopping at "Skeppsholmen" then this route is marked gray on the map so that travellers know that the boat is not going to stop there.

The screen on the boat is similar to the one at the docks. That screen also shows the position of the boat but it also show how much time there is left until the next stop. It doesn't have any function for showing how many people that is on the boat right now. This would be useless since if you are already on the boat you can see how crowded it is by looking around.

Here is a sketch of our prototype:

This idea was brought up when we did the collaborative iteration. We thought that collaborative iteration worked the best for us when thinking about new creative ideas.

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