torsdag 1 oktober 2015

Groups Secondary Persona



Oscar Nilson is a 32 year old office clerk who works at Abba The Museum and lives in the suburb, south of Stockholm. He lives together with his girlfriend and dog.

After a traffic accident three years ago with his Motorcycle he became paralysed from the waist down and is now dependent on a wheelchair to move around freely. Getting in and out of the wheelchair is a process Oscar usually avoids.

After the surgery during the healing process Oscar spent most of his time watching anime and has now become fond of it.

At work he is a careful perfectionist who loves to organize papers. He hates to make mistakes and to be late. Stubborn as he is he still loves to cruise around with his trike(MC) which he bought after the accident.


Scenario 1:
Oscar has to work late, but there is a new anime release this very day. He won't be able to buy it after work, so he decided to pick it up during his lunch break. 

Goal: Buy the Anime in Gamla Stan, eat lunch and get back to work in one hour.

Scenario 2: Just arrived at Slussen on his way to work at Abba The Museum. He is a frequent commuter and knows the route, he prefers the newer boats where he can move around without leaving the wheelchair and ask someone for help to get over obstacles.

Goal: Get to work in time without leaving the chair.
Pain points
  1. Obstacle free path: 1
  2. Language: 5
  3. Finding his way: 5

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